Testing the New Spelling & Grammar Feature of Screaming Frog

The latest update on Screaming Frog, one of our must-have SEO tools, has gotten us excited. Screaming Frog is a crawling tool that works similarly to how search engine spiders work. If there are pages that aren’t discovered or resources missing from the crawl data, you can consider search engines to be seeing your website in a similar way.

We use Screaming Frog on every SEO project we manage. It’s so powerful that probably half of the information you need to complete a Technical SEO audit can be taken from it. However, 1 important element of SEO that it can’t help you with is auditing the Content quality. To review content before we publish, we commonly use Copyscape and Grammarly. There are also free tools online that you can use to check duplicate content such as Duplichecker, Small  SEO Tools, and Internet Marketing Ninja. Free tools have a limit on the number of times you can use them in a day so I would recommend finding other tools available online by using the query “duplicate content checker” on Google. These tools can allow you to either enter the URL to check the content on a live page or paste the content you are planning to publish. Obviously, using free tools will work if you only need to check a few pages.

For digital marketing agencies such as us, we need to work with a number of clients, manage several websites, and deliver reports on time. Hence, we always strive for efficiency while maintaining quality work. With Duplicate Content and Grammar & Spelling features added on Screaming Frog, it would mean less time we need to spend on checking these factors page by page. So, how do the new features work? Let us show you the results we got after testing our own website www.annelledigital.com.



From the Overview tab on the right-hand side, we scrolled down up to the end to see the new ‘Content’ section. You will see that there aren’t any Exact Duplicates nor Near Duplicates issues found. There are 3 Low Content Pages while 42 Pages considered to have Spelling Errors and Grammar Errors. The 42 pages with spelling and grammar errors are all the live pages we have so this looks concerning to us at first. So, what is wrong? 

To know exactly what the issues are, we clicked on the elements identified with issues. From the screenshot above, Spelling Errors under the Overview tab was selected. The upper window will then show the list of pages with errors. We selected the first page which is the homepage to investigate further. At the lower window, we clicked on the Spelling & Grammar Details tab and then the information about the issues will appear. Not seen on the screenshot since the detailed tab has been scrolled to the right, it’s been flagged that we have been using the words “Annelle” instead of “Anaelle”, “YesStyle” instead of “Restyle”, and “RENCE” instead of a bunch of recommended words by Screaming Frog such as “Hence, Fence, Pence, Rene, Renee, RENFE, Recce, RE NCE, Reece, René, Renée”. These 3 flagged words are not errors since “Annelle”, obviously, is our company name, while the other 2 words are placed on the testimonial section: “YesStyle” is one of our client’s company name and “RENCE” is the name of the founder of our other client. Getting these kinds of results may be frustrating to some but take note that this can happen no matter what content checker you use for the first time. Configuring a paid content checker tool is a common practice for it to understand how the content on the website is written, preferences of the webmaster, what the branding rules are, etc.

If we ignore the aforementioned issues, we’ll be left with 2 errors. Going back to the Screaming Frog screenshot above, you will see that “now, and” in the lower window section is selected. The specific details about the errors are on its right. You’ll see that what’s wrong with the sentence is the missing comma (,) between “now” and “and”. The other error “mind, but” is a similar issue. Screaming Frog is suggesting for us to add a comma between “mind” and “but. It is a relief to know that there aren’t any critical errors found on our site. Whew.

Finally, if you want to prevent some errors from coming up again on your next crawl, there’s a feature on Screaming Frog that you can set to ignore words. To get to the Dictionary screen as shown on the image below, go to Configuration, Content, Spelling & Grammar then click on the Dictionary tab. Add the words you want Screaming Frog to remember to ignore, click OK to save, and then you’re all set. 



The new content features are not the only thing added to Screaming Frog on their version 13 release. To know all the updates, you may visit their blog.

How a Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore led to the creation of Google Images

In February 2000, Jennifer Lopez wore a green Versace dress at the Grammy Awards. It caught the world’s attention that many online users have tried searching for it on Google.

Jennifer Lopez and Donatella Versace iconic dressImage from Google Blog post “18 years after Google Images, the Versace jungle print dress is back”

Google has written in one of their blog posts that, “back in 2000, search results were still just a list of blue links. When the Search team realized they weren’t able to directly surface the results that people wanted—a picture of Jennifer in the dress—they were inspired to create Google Images.” 

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt wrote in Project Syndicate in 2015 “When Google was launched, people were amazed that they were able to find out about almost anything by typing just a few words into a computer. The engineering behind it was technically complicated, but what you got was pretty rough: a page of text, broken up by ten blue links. It was better than anything else, but not great by today’s standards.”

Eric Schmidt wrote in Project Syndicate in 2015Screenshot from Project Syndicate

The event broke the internet 20 years ago. Due to overwhelming search queries from online users that brought a dramatic turn of events to the fashion industry, the dress was declared as one of the fashion legends. Everybody wants to see and grab the picture of the iconic green Versace dress that Jennifer Lopez wore that night. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to give the users exactly what they wanted. They were inspired and reiterating to make this possible. Hence, Google Image Search was born.

At Milan Fashion Week held in 2019, Google reunited with Donatella Versace to commemorate the historic moment in fashion and Google. The show ended with the Google Image search field on the screen showing a command, “Okay Google, show me the real Versace jungle dress,” and then J. Lo appeared wearing a revamped version of the iconic green dress. The Milan Fashion Week was successful and undoubtedly has become one of the most Googled events in 2019.

18 years after Google Images, the Versace jungle print dress is back by Vincenzo Riili. Published on Sep 21, 2019.
The Tinkerer’s Apprentice by Eric Schmidt. Published on Jan 19, 2015.

How SEO can help businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic?

In the first quarter of 2020, the Novel Coronavirus or NCoV-19 has single-handedly forced the shutdown of operations and businesses on a global scale. As citizens and locally-based businesses retreat into the comfort of digital platforms, some companies have to reevaluate their business plans and competencies.

With over 2.6 million positive cases worldwide, countries, economies, and the daily way of living have been effectively disrupted. There is a reverse on globalization as airports, seaports, and other points of entry are shut down. In this article, we will talk about how the Coronavirus is affecting businesses and how Annelle Digital search engine optimization or SEO strategy for Covid-19 can help companies worldwide. Read on to find out more.

Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Businesses

Engine conducted consumer research based on the current behavior of customers, and it has shown promising results for digital businesses. Eighty-eight percent are growing concerned about the Coronavirus health threat; however, this also presents a silver lining and opportunity for businesses. Social distancing means that most transactions won’t be in malls, stores, and coffee shops but the digital space.

In the survey, there has been a surge in online shopping by around 42% of the 1,000-person control group. The plus side is that more customers will find their way into your website and company. On the flip side, global companies will be looking for better ways to land clients. This generally means that you will get buried in their campaigns if you don’t look for a way to raise your company’s metrics and stay competitive.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages for Businesses During Pandemic

The pandemic has caused lockdowns and home quarantines all over the world. The operational countries have eventually succumbed to the need to adapt as the virus takes more victims globally. Businesses will need digital marketing methods more than ever, and search engine optimization is at the top of the list.

Here are some of the advantages of continuously deploying SEO strategy during Coronavirus pandemic:

1. People are more dependent on digital platforms

The digital space is the safest and most reliable platform for communication, collaboration, and productivity. Most traditional businesses have resorted to setting up shop online, and SEO ensures that your company can contend with the other corporations.

A common misconception is that businesses shouldn’t fret or just let the natural search engine take its course. You can see the importance of SEO in Covid-19 when you notice that you check your brand’s keywords, but other companies are taking the top positions of search results. Your competitors could end up landing your clients because of their search engine campaigns.

2. Cost-effective methods

Among all the platforms, the digital space is the most affordable. You don’t need to spend as much as you usually do on traditional methods. SEO can drive your profits up with relatively limited spending by using search engine principles and best practices.

Annelle Digital can take your functioning website and check it for possible flaws and search engine optimization issues. The company is working round-the-clock to provide high-quality digital marketing services to businesses across all industries.

3. Creates consistent long-term growth

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of search engine optimization is its long-term effects. It’s also better to start expanding these strategies and campaigns while other companies are immobile and coping with adjusting to the pandemic. Your SEO efforts will reward you even after the Coronavirus pandemic is done as long as you continue investing in your search engine campaigns.

A major advantage of deploying SEO strategies is that it lasts for a longer time than most digital marketing methods and advertisements. If you start now, your company will build a digital marketing foundation for the coming months. Having SEO strategies will help you stay competitive on digital platforms where more people are working and searching for things to buy. If you supplement your search engine tactics with a solid social media campaign, you’ll reap the benefits in the months to come.

4. Top of Mind advantage

Search engines are the perfect place to gain insight and new information. Because of this, people who utilize search engines rely on the latest data they acquire. The searchers will remember your company when they think of a particular product or service, and they find your business on the first page of the search engine results.

Alternatively, if they don’t see your website within the first few pages, you lose your credibility as a reputable company. With no prior knowledge or information, search engines allow you to make an excellent first impression and secure the “Top of Mind” spot.

5. Reinforces authority and expertise

Another importance of SEO in Coronavirus pandemic is the promotion of your knowledge and professional prowess. Your ranking in the search results will strengthen your reputation and power. As mentioned earlier, if you rate higher than your competitors, then customers will trust you more than the rest. This attribute is especially important during times when spending and mobility are limited.

6. Fresh customers waiting to spend

More people have idle time because of the elimination of travel time for jobs and the closure of some industries. As more employees work from home, it presents a unique opportunity of having at least 3 or 4 saved time every day while earning the same income. Because of this, more people are willing to spend money online.

7. Information is the most crucial resource in 2020

Communities are on lockdown, and people are turning to their computers and mobile devices for information. When you offer hyperlocal services such as deliveries, you can use the keywords plus add your area and delivery or delivery and area (like phone accessories Arizona delivery or phone accessories delivery Arizona).

Image from Google blog 

Aside from that, Google is considered one of the most authoritative sources of information online. It’s essential to have a business profile for credible local search engine optimization practices, and it’s even more important to do it right the first time. Google My Business profile is a sure way to gain local patronage and it helps you coordinate better with your customers because you can set announcements, operating hours, and add your contact details.

The Bottomline

Annelle Digital remains positive amidst the COVID-19 threat. Global businesses need to find ways to survive with malls, salons, and other non-essential or non-critical establishments. While most services and entertainment businesses are on hold, companies have relied on innovative ways to continue their operations. You should proceed to adapt and innovate to guarantee your company’s success even after the pandemic is over.


5 Things You Need to Ask When Screening for an SEO Consultant in 2020

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of having your website rank high in search engines. This method is crucial because it helps your site become more visible to potential clients and customers. Most visibility leads to better traffic quality, and it can invite curious users that are looking for answers that your business can provide.

It’s safe to say that a website is your portfolio and digital home. Even when you have multiple social media pages, you will still need a website that contains everything you do. Before you start thinking about your website’s designs and outreach methods, you should consider your digital strategy by getting an SEO consultant or agency.

This article will talk more about search engine optimization consultancy, and how you can find the right SEO consultant through basic questions.

Search Engine Optimization Consultancy

A search engine is a program that looks for websites based on corresponding keywords and keyphrases. It has crawlers that go through every text from every site on the world wide web. The search engine then publishes the results according to the relevance of the input. Search engine optimization is the system that ensures you rank high and favorable to search engines.

The entire search engine optimization process is technical and time-consuming to do on your own, which is why you need an SEO consultant instead of having an entire department. Most SEO consultants and agencies can do a variety of SEO-related tasks.

While you’re looking through prospective SEO consultants, the first questions will be crucial to selection.

How to Find the Right SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant can help you make or break your web presence and your business. Hiring an SEO consultant should involve asking the right questions. In this way, you won’t run into substantial SEO problems in the future. 

Here are the key questions you have to ask your prospective search engine optimization consultant:

1. What should I include in my business value proposition?

A strong signal of any business comes from a strong value proposition. That’s why asking an SEO consultant’s insight about your business value proposition is essential. It’s what sets your business apart from your competitors. If the SEO consultant doesn’t even know what a business value proposition is, then it’s a sign that he or she doesn’t have a strong marketing background.

Your SEO consultant should also ask you about your current business value proposition. Answers that coincide or match have higher chances of success. That’s why you have to be keen in choosing an SEO consultant; as one who comes from a trusted and experienced SEO company will have clear objectives and plans even before you start talking.

2. What does an excellent sales cycle look like?

A good SEO consultant knows the importance of internet marketing in customer acquisition. Depending on your brand and niche or industry, an ideal sales cycle means generating more traffic, leads, and sales. An SEO consultant who knows the worth of a new customer would help you with effective budgeting and developing a good business plan.

Choosing someone who knows well about your niche will likely do more for your business. It is because a specialized SEO consultant already knows your niche’s sales cycle, what customers expect and demand, and what makes them frustrated to leave a website. Not knowing a sales cycle could be a red flag that your SEO consultant has limited knowledge of sales.

3. What is online marketing’s level of success?

In the search engine optimization equation, a brand or business’s online history is crucial. Google and search engines take a website’s age and other factors as consideration. Asking this question will help you create a better perspective as to what the SEO consultant can foresee and contribute to the greater good of your company.

An SEO expert with the best combination of online marketing strategies can bring more benefits to your website and your overall business. While social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are some of the best ones, you can never be sure what will work for you if you haven’t tried them yet.

That’s why an experienced SEO consultant can help shed light on the shadowy parts of online marketing you haven’t explored yet so you can attain success the first time.

4. What should our short-term and long-term goals be?

Always bear in mind that search engine optimization is for a long-term investment. Asking this question to your prospective SEO consultant will help you understand how the SEO services offered can influence and align with your business’s goals.

If your SEO expert is telling you that you will reach the first rank in one month, then you should reconsider working with that person. He or she may be using blackhat SEO tricks, which might have you at the top of the ranks at the risk of getting banned permanently by search engines.

The search engine optimization consultant can give you a realistic overview of the project. You can talk about your business goals and ask the expert about its feasibility. If you’re currently on the second page of a particular keyword, you might get to the first page after a few months. Depending on the SEO efforts that you want.

5. Can I see client projects with the best results so far?

Every successful SEO companies have a long list of satisfied clients. Since search engine optimization is a long-term commitment, you should find the consultant or expert that has proven results. Without these testimonials or satisfied clients, you might be putting your money in a company that can’t guarantee your expected outcomes. 

If you’re the consultant’s first customer, you won’t have a solid campaign, but you can bargain for cheaper service charges.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of SEO companies and agencies available all over the world. Having the right questions will make you more confident in your decision. This way, you can choose the best SEO consultant that will help you achieve your goals. Be in full control and arrange an SEO consultant who can bring out the best of your brand.