One of the main reasons why businesses moved into digital is that necessary marketing tools can be low-cost and accessible. In fact, when entrepreneurs started exploring the platform, many were told that, when equipped with basic knowledge of SEO and content marketing, digital marketing campaigns can easily be a one man’s job.

That, in all honesty, is not untrue. Digital marketing campaigns can indeed be done by entrepreneurs themselves, but there are risks. And we believe these risks are far greater than the time and resources they save from not extending their need and hiring a team of experts.

Here are four main things that entrepreneurs avoid when they hire a digital marketing agency:

  • 1. Unintended Deprioritizing Operations

As most entrepreneurs can attest to, managing a business can already be a struggle. When they attempt to put more on their plates and start managing their own promotions and marketing campaigns, eventually, the priority and focus will shift: should they be investing more time on marketing since they are emerging, or should they be focusing on operating the business more? There is a reason why huge corporations have different vice presidents for marketing and operations. Both are equally important, and both tasks cannot be effectively and efficiently done by the same person.

  • 2. Wasting Time Testing Waters

Without prior knowledge and experience, entrepreneurs tend to actually spend more time and resources testing every tool promoted in different forums or by industry colleagues; in order to learn the most fitting tool for their business needs.
An experienced and capable digital marketing agency with a good track record would know the most apt and effective tools and processes to utilize. This not only saves time, but it straightforwardly lays down expectations and a working timeline that ultimately benefits the business, and leaves the entrepreneur only in the role of a decision-maker.

  • 3. Producing and Reading Useless Analytics

This is probably the biggest risk of all. If an entrepreneur, without the necessary understanding of marketing ins-and-outs, heedlessly formulated his own metrics to measure a campaign’s effectiveness, it is safe to assume that his analysis of results would not be sound as well.More concerning than that is its eventual impact: he will then reference his analysis in finalizing decisions in human resources, branding, and product and service development. This unknowingly might bring the business on the opposite path to growth.

Regardless of what others say in the industry, it is, therefore, more effective and (cost-) efficient to hire a digital marketing agency. The best choice of digital marketing agency should not only follow-through with their deliverables, but also be able to commit to their clients’ needs, and intelligently forecast trends and produce materials that will help the business in the long run.

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