The Coronavirus pandemic has caused an increase in internet usage. While this is a good thing for some, some businesses are not optimized to gain from this increase. With the lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions in place, the digital scene is quickly changing its shape.

 That is why Kaplan Hong Kong, one of Hong Kong’s largest educational institution with over 140 expert professionals and dedicated staff, decided to make a series of webinars – Kaplan Discover 2020. It aims to help individuals and businesses embrace the new normal digitally. Each webinar will be guested by industry leaders, along with in-house Kaplan professionals.

 Last 26 November 2020, Rhea Teves, co-founder of Annelle Digital hosted a webinar for Kaplan as part of Kaplan Discover 2020: Embracing the New Normal. Her webinar titled “How SEO became the essential marketing channel post-covid” Rhea discussed the important role SEO or Search Engine Optimization will play post-covid. Rhea focused on four main topics: introduction to SEO, search engine listing types, 2021 SEO trends, and benefits of SEO to businesses post-covid.


How SEO became the essential marketing channel post-covid Kaplan Discover 2020 webinar by Annelle Digital

Rhea Teves, Annelle Digital co-founder and Karly Yau, Marketing Manager Kaplan Higher Education during Kaplan Discover 2020

In the introduction to SEO, Rhea defined what is Search Engine Optimization, explained what is the search engine process and what are the 3 main SEO strategies.

 Rhea enumerated and explained what are the various search engine listing types, namely Regular web listing to Universal Search, Google Images, Videos, News and Top Stories, Maps and Local 3-Pack, Zero-click search results.

Screenshot of Google Maps and Local 3-Pack SEO Webinar slide by Annelle Digital

Rhea also shared in her talk about the 5 SEO trends that will emerge in 2021. These are Machine Learning, Core Web Vitals, Mobile-friendliness, Voice Search SEO, and E-A-T.

 And finally, Rhea shared the benefits of SEO to businesses post-covid. There is a dramatic shift on how people shop and do business online, and businesses need to adapt to the change. SEO is a cost-effective way to bring in organic and legitimate traffic into business’ websites. SEO can help businesses to become more visible on searches being performed now, and also to set themselves up for success once search behavior normalizes.

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