If you have taken the first step in going digital today, congratulations! Some may think that you are already late to the game, but remember the saying, “The best time to start was years ago, but the next best time is today”? What matters most is you have taken the first step in taking your business to a more modern (and exciting) platform.

As we are very excited for you, we have compiled basic things to expect and look forward to now you are going into digital:

  1. Depending on your market, you should still invest in traditional marketing

    First and foremost, you have to remember that in marketing and advertising, there is no one-size-fits-all. Different objectives warrant different strategies. Different strategies need different tools.While most users today, regardless of age and class, tend to have access and consciously look into online reviews or peer recommendation, there may be segments of your market that opt to not be active in digital. If your market involves mothers of toddlers who allot time for social media yet are avid audience members of a show, digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies should go hand in hand.

  2. It can actually be cheaper than traditional marketing

    One myth that surrounds digital marketing strategies is that it extremely costs less than traditional media. Digital platforms are cheaper to organize campaigns on, compared to the tedious process of media buying and placements on television, radio, and film. Small entrepreneurs, even high school kids, are able to start a campaign using Facebook Ads for just $5 USD. However, producing content can be of similar cost. For example, if you need a poster, similar to traditional, you need to outsource a graphic designer. With videos, you need to outsource a production house. But with tweaks and utilization of different tools available, these can be cheaper.

  3. It is ultimately faster (and you can schedule releases, too!)

    With the instantaneous nature of internet-based platforms and tools comes the instantaneous feature of marketing platforms as well. Once your content is set, you can immediately post in order to reach your audience as soon as possible. In addition, you can seamlessly plan for future releases, as there are various tools available that allow you to schedule (and even backdate!) releases across these platforms.

  4. It focuses on your market

    Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing can segment your market up to your audience’s smallest characteristics. You can now segment per age, gender, political views, preferred films, and favorite restaurants. You may choose to have your content shown to your segmented audience. And this is not definite. You may set different audience for different campaigns.

  5. It is data-driven

    Because everything in digital is instantaneous, audience reach and reception can also be measured, when you need and want it. With the existence of browser-based cookies, tools have been developed to take advantage of their function. You may now know the number of people reached by your ad, their geographic locations, their interests, and key people influencing their decision-making, to guide you to develop which strategies generate more leads.

  6. It provides an accessible platform for feedback

    As your audience can be reached easily through digital, they can also easily reach out to you as well. Complaints, feedback, and suggestions can now be easily forwarded, with the existence of proper feedback system. While they are not without downsides (e.g., fake complaints can ruin brands and their reputations), it provides an accessible two-way communication system for complaints and concerns between you and your audience; which will eventually lead to the development of your product and services. Today, accessibility through community and social media management is one of the top considerations of consumers in selecting a service or product.

  7. It is relatively new, so developments are on the way

    Everyday, more and more people are given access to the internet. Five years ago, tools that we commonly use now were still in-the-works; even considered sophisticated. With that trend, we can safely assume that more tools for more effective marketing will be developed continuously.

Digital is an exciting platform that needs perseverance, strategy, and consistency, which you will not regret taking on.

Congratulations again for taking the first step in going digital!

For questions and concerns, you are more than welcome to contact us at info@annelledigital.com.