A wedding is one of the most sacred and fundamental ceremonies celebrated in a person’s lifetime. People often spend thousands to make the occasion memorable and everlasting, so they hire the best coordinators, suppliers, and professionals in the industry. The event wouldn’t be complete without the videographers and photographers making the memorabilia.

Bethena Aundrea Films, our client, is one of the professionals that make sure every event is unique and unforgettable, and we wanted to capture the essence of their service on their website. In this case study, Annelle Digital did a website redesign campaign for a Philippine-based wedding video company, Bethena Aundrea Films.

It was a fast-paced project from conceptualization to implementation, headed by our Digital Marketing Manager, Jenna Gabat. The client was satisfied by the fast turnaround time and accessible communication with Annelle Digital throughout the entire process.

Read on to find out more about the business and the web design we did for them.

Bethena Aundrea Films

The Bethena Aundrea Films company captures the joy and delight of nuptials, founded by Rence Bautista, a wedding photographer since 2012. Rence established the company in 2015 and named it after his firstborn child, Bethena Aundrea, who serves as the primary inspiration for high-quality service. Since then, his team of graphic professionals has had great feedback from all its clients and guests.

Bethena Aundrea Films specializes in same-day edit videos, primarily entertaining wedding photography and videography. However, over the past years, they have also built an impressive corporate portfolio accommodating launching events and special programs. With this powerhouse team of professionals, they needed a great web design to boost their search engine visibility.

With an experience of over five years in the wedding and corporate industries, the company believed that it needed a website redesign to complement the new logo and simplify the contents, making them more appealing.

The Requirement

The client wanted to improve the company’s branding and revamp the existing website to match the new logo. Bethena Aundrea Films website redesign centered around improving the current theme to better suit the improved branding. The only goal is creating a site that looks well with the modified logo.

Annelle Digital discussed the project scope and provided a study that immediately got support from the company. It was a quick process from idea submission to output, with only one submitted proposal to final design approval. Jenna Gabat, our Digital Marketing Manager, designed and presented the accepted and realized idea. Annelle Digital team was able to finish the entire project in less than a week.

Previous and Redesigned Website Comparison

The new design capitalizes on the luxurious feel of the new logo. The entire concept, improvement and implementation process took less than a week. There were minimal revisions during the execution supervised by Jenna Gabat, which accounted for the quick turnaround rate.

Here are the comparisons from the former website:

Bethena Old Homepage deisgn               Bethena new homepage design
Before                                                                                                                After   



We modified the old site to have an updated and responsive design. An appealing addition to the home page is the testimonial snippets at the bottom, which are more attractive compared to the previous text-only testimonials.

About Us

To increase the attention of the company’s founder, we designed the page to have a single image. This kind of layout has improved the attraction ability of the page, and it centers on the company’s story.


The previous design had too many subcategories. The client wanted to reduce them to only two major categories: Wedding and Corporate. 


The centered texts allow the prices to be more visible and apparent. The new colors allow the “Reserve Now” and “Enquire” buttons to stand out. 


To emphasize the blocks of blog content, we utilized the color black. The rectangle layout allows the web owner to add highlight photos that can supplement the title.

Contact Us

We changed the plain white backdrop to the new brown background. The contrast between the brown, pink, and white allows the “Contact Us” button to stand out better.

Web Design with Annelle Digital

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